A Secret Garden

I came upon a secret garden today right in the middle of the creative block consisting of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, MOCA, REDCAT, and the new (under construction) Broad Museum. Sandwiched between the Walt Disney Concert Hall and REDCAT is a beautiful, quiet garden consisting of plants from all over the world, like the Pink Ball Tree (Dombeya wallichii) from Madagascar. They look like upside down Hydrangeas.

The Blue Ribbon Garden is a gift from an organization of women devoted to the support of the music center and its resident companies. A large fountain that resembles a lotus flower with Mosaic Delft Blue Pottery with the inscription that reads “A Rose for Lilly. Frank Gehry’s tribute to Lillian Disney. A gift of her grandchildren and her great grandchildren” sits at the heart of the garden.Rose garden lotus flower

With a few tables and chairs dispersed throughout the garden, you can bring your lunch and a book or sketch book for my artist friends, and enjoy seclusion in the city. You can enter through the gates at the top of the stairs to the left of Walt Disney Concert Hall on Grand Ave. This way you can walk through the small outdoor amphitheater that not too many people know about either. Or walk through some of the sculpted exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall which can give you the feeling of walking through a maze. Either way, at the end of both paths, you come upon the garden that feels a little like the entrance into The Secret Garden. There is also an entrance off W. 1st Street that leads straight to the garden, which has an elevator for wheelchair access.

The Rose Garden

Happy discovering…

Once you find it smile, feel special because you now know a secret in the city of angels.

Hint if you have foursquare… click here.


The city I now call home: DTLA

As always my daily walk around the neighborhood (I just moved into) is always a treat. And when I say treat, I don’t mean for your tongue, though that can happen here, too. No, I am talking about the treat of the eye. DTLA is transforming itself from a downtrodden scary place into a diamond in the rough. Every week something new is developing. 5 years ago I would never have dragged my friends to an eatery or clothing store, let alone coffee shop in dtla. No way! Now, as a newbie to the neighborhood, I can’t think of another cooler place to be!

I met a man in his 70’s while my boyfriend and I were eating at Colori’s. (more for that later, great mama’s Italian) Sitting by himself we struck up a conversation. He tells us that he, like me, just recently moved to dtla and has a goal to live a life car free in La! Ha! Now, most people would laugh at this notion since owning a car in La is a must. Well, I (and he) can now say, Los Angeles is not! One can now get around and live the city life WITH the perfect weather to boot. It’s all about DTLA! 

I am writing a blog about my findings, my adventures, my surprises and my scares in this beautiful, ugly, stinky, creative city called downtown Los Angeles. 

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