Kitty City

Have you ever walked by the new Grand Park late at night when nothing in particular is going on? Well if you haven’t, try it. Take a stroll one night on say a Tuesday. On the corners of Spring and Broadway at First Street if you are quiet and patient, stop and look around, you will notice many little eyes peeking up at you from under the shrubs. This… is Kitty City. A disheveled plot of land that used to be the grounds of an office building some decades ago. It’s gated off and closed to the public, however it is home to dozens of feral cats. So, next time you are out for a stroll, remember to watch for the eyes that are watching you. 

Inside this abandoned concrete structure is a cat community quietly plotting to take over DTLA

Under the grass mounds late at night be still and quiet… if you can wait… you will see cute little ears popping up to see what is going on or to hunt, remember they are feral.

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