The city I now call home: DTLA

As always my daily walk around the neighborhood (I just moved into) is always a treat. And when I say treat, I don’t mean for your tongue, though that can happen here, too. No, I am talking about the treat of the eye. DTLA is transforming itself from a downtrodden scary place into a diamond in the rough. Every week something new is developing. 5 years ago I would never have dragged my friends to an eatery or clothing store, let alone coffee shop in dtla. No way! Now, as a newbie to the neighborhood, I can’t think of another cooler place to be!

I met a man in his 70’s while my boyfriend and I were eating at Colori’s. (more for that later, great mama’s Italian) Sitting by himself we struck up a conversation. He tells us that he, like me, just recently moved to dtla and has a goal to live a life car free in La! Ha! Now, most people would laugh at this notion since owning a car in La is a must. Well, I (and he) can now say, Los Angeles is not! One can now get around and live the city life WITH the perfect weather to boot. It’s all about DTLA! 

I am writing a blog about my findings, my adventures, my surprises and my scares in this beautiful, ugly, stinky, creative city called downtown Los Angeles. 

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